Ben Sheridan, Tim Venhuis, Simon May

Precon: Leveraging Google Apps in Your Classroom & in Your School (Beginner, Advanced)

This course will be presented in mini modules, focusing on the core tools in the Google Apps suite. From our past experiences participants do not want to be locked into one track. Participants will be able to pick different modules and at different levels throughout the day.

Some of the modules will be:

  • Forms: How to set up and share a form. Review the data that was collected
  • Gmail: How to customise your inbox, filters, managing your account, labels, filters, zero inbox, archiving, staring and advanced searching
  • Classroom: Setting up a classroom, linking drive, assessments, multiple teachers using the same classroom
  • Calendars: Creating, sharing, subscribing, recurring events, invites, appointment time slots
  • Drive: Uploading files and folders, sharing, managing your drive
  • Google Docs. Creating, sharing, links, commenting, different roles on a document, citations, revision history, tables, add-ons.
  • Google Sheets: Entering data, sorting, filtering, simple formulas,Formats, Data types, conditional Formatting, haring, freezing rows and column, moving/ copying/ cutting pasting, multiple sheets/tabs, ID of a document.
  • Google Chrome: Searching, add-ons, multiple accounts, preferences
  • Scripting:Introduction to scripting. This will be using and editing existing scripts.
  • Advanced Scripting: This will be creating forms and triggers as well as using multiple apps.
About the Precon Leaders

Simon May has been an educator in New Zealand, Britain, Venezuela, Egypt, Thailand and China. Simon has been a Technology Director, Teacher, Technology Co-ordinator and Coach. He has been on the executive organizing committee for Learning2.0 since its inception in 2007. Simon is an Authorised Google Trainer for Education as well as being a Apple Distinguished Educator. Simon has a ongoing love of learning and loves to share his expertise with others.

Ben Sheridan has been an educator in Cambodia, Korea, Indonesia, India and the US as a teacher, technology coordinator, and technology coach. He has been a fan of Google Apps for education since it’s inception. He initiated and managed a school wide transition to Google Apps for education when he was at Pasir Ridge International School in Indonesia. He has provided many staff trainings and coaching sessions centered on how to effectively use G-Apps in the classroom. In addition he has utilized G-Apps in other areas of schools to automate processes and reduce paper waste. In addition to being an Apple Distinguished Educator Ben has successfully completed Google certified exams in the areas of Drive, Sites, Calendar, Gmail, and Chrome+Apps.

Tim Venhuis is a high school IB Math teacher at International School Manila. Having graduated with a minor in computer science he has found himself drawn to many of the opportunities he sees to add a little technological flare to his lessons. With the advancement of Google Apps for Education the opportunities to integrate technology in any class have essentially become boundless and go well beyond the sharing of documents to include examples such as collaborative reflections for students and automated appraisal forms for teacher growth. Through the use of google scripts a whole new world of teacher resources has opened up to enhance teaching and student learning.

Tim is a Google Apps Qualified Individual and has presented on Google scripting at GAFE Summits and participates in writing scripts that ISM teachers and administration use to bring the true power of google code to our school.

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