Colin Gallagher

Precon: Digging Deeper into Minecraft

Minecraft has already established itself as a useful tool to have in your educational arsenal. In this preconference as well as a basic discussion of how and why Minecraft is being used in education, we will also explore and play with a wide variety of mods you can use in MinecraftEdu to further develop the use of Minecraft in your school.

Expected Outcomes
Teachers will leave with:
  • a comprehensive understanding of why and how Minecraft is being used in education
  • an overview of the teacher tools in MinecraftEdu
  • an understanding of the extra “mods” that can elevate what you can do within Minecraftedu
  • experience of exploring MinecraftEdu and a number of “mods” you can work with inside MinecraftEdu
About Colin

Colin Gallagher is currently a Technology Integrator at ISS International School in Singapore. He is also an online instructor for Michigan State University in their Masters in Educational Technology program. He is a Google Certified Teacher and an Apple Distinguished Educator. Colin has held educational technology positions in Hong Kong and Germany before moving to Singapore in 2011. Intrigued by video games and their place in education; Colin strives to embed gaming authentically and relevantly into his school’s curriculum. Colin is currently celebrating the release of his book “Minecraft in the Classroom” published by Peachpit/Pearson.

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