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Full! Avoiding iPad Obesity - Focusing on Creation not Consumption

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The iPad & Android tablets were originally sold predominantly as consumption devices when first released, and now it’s time for the creation revolution. Further to this we see that the level of engagement students have with these devices is very high, so we need to make sure we harness this in the most positive way possible.

Join me for a hands on workshop using a range of different apps (I will be using iOS, though most are also available on Android) to create a whole range of simple, silly, funny and engaging multimedia, which have direct application in your classroom where student learning and engagement are key. We’ll tackle creative tasks which include super easy photoshop alternatives, making music, animation, tips for life like drawing and a number of other interactive activities. All activities have a free app associated, and occasionally a paid app to take it further. You will need to bring an iPad with you that you can install apps on on the day.

Possible Outcomes

Outcomes include:

  • Consider and develop creative ways to integrate multimedia projects into your curriculum
  • Learn how to share your student creations with peers and parents
  • Leverage the iPad to provide students alternatives for presenting and reflecting on their thinking
  • Find authentic ways to bring more fun and laughter to your curriculum
  • Focus on how many ways there are to create on the iPad.
Intended Audience

Elementary School (Grades 2-5) and Middle School will be my target audience.

Most of the activities that I will run and easily adapted to older or younger students. Some of the tasks could be a bit beyond K-1 students. Teachers will need to bring their own device, though no particular experience is required.

About Shaun

Shaun is an Elementary EdTech Coach at Singapore American School. He works with grade level teams to integrate the use of iPads and Google Docs into their existing curriculum. He was a Civil Engineer in a past life, loves geeking out with a spreadsheet, and is an avid tinkerer and curator of bad jokes.

When not at school Shaun is a keen traveler and photographer, and has presented at a variety of conferences throughout Asia. He is passionate about working in Educational Technology and is always happy to share his thoughts and ideas for the classroom and beyond. Shaun is an Apple Distinguished Educator, Apple Foundations Trainer, a Google Certified Teacher, and a Google Education Trainer.

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