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Killing Your Primary Concept


Elementary classrooms are not what they used to be. Technology is changing at a faster pace than our concepts about education are naturally evolving. As a result, it’s becoming increasingly necessary to proactively kill old pedagogical concepts in order for new concepts to be born. This extended session will examine our current concepts about elementary education and work towards disrupting long-held beliefs. We will investigate how elementary students learn best, what that means for modern learning environments and how to tap into our students’ passions and potential through technology. This session will explore ways primary teachers can infuse a balanced digital learning approach across their elementary curriculum.

Possible Outcomes

Killing Your Primary Concept will inquire into the following:

  • How cloud-based storage can become a vehicle for collaborative learning and student voice/choice
  • How game-based learning platforms, such as MinecraftEdu, can be used as a space for concept creation
  • How elementary classrooms can become fertile grounds for visual literacy and creative design
  • How coding and making can be integrated into the elementary curriculum
  • How long-term, higher-order, synthesizing engagements transdisciplinarize and personalize student learning
  • How attitudinal dispositions are the primary indicator in creating digital learning environments
Intended Audience

Elementary teachers who are new to 1:1 environments, or those who are exploring ways to infuse a balanced digital learning approach across the curriculum, would benefit most from this extended session.

About Reid

Reid Wilson is a Y4 teacher at NIST International School in Bangkok, Thailand. He strives to push the boundaries of what 8-9 year olds can do and believes that the only thing holding students back are outdated teacher concepts. Three years ago, Reid attended his first Learning 2.0 conference knowing little to nothing about technology in education. Since then, he has challenged himself to stay on the forefront of the rapidly changing educational wave and redefine learning for his students. Reid loves creating digitally-infused learning engagements for his students and discussing modern learning philosophies with like-minded colleagues. He enjoys writing about his thoughts and teaching experiences on his blog and can be followed on Twitter here.

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