Maggie Powers

Empowering Students to Design Classroom Culture


Whether you are a Learning2 alumni or a first-timer, you’re probably ready to tackle a problem every educator encounters: how to develop a rich, productive classroom culture.

Join this session to work through an exciting new design thinking challenge “How might we design a classroom culture that meets everyone’s needs?” As we tackle this question, we will discover, empathize, experiment and eventually produce plans and prototypes that every teacher can use to then implement this challenge in her or his own classroom.

By first participating in this challenge yourself, you will have a chance to better understand your own needs when it comes to your class (or school) culture. You will gain first-hand experience of what it is like to tackle the difficult questions and challenges that arise as you dive into the varied needs of different users to create a shared class culture.

Next, we will take time to plan how each participant can take this challenge back to her or his own classroom and adapt it for student users so you can engage your class in the challenge of co-creating their ideal classroom community and workflow for this year.

The goal of the session is to develop a tool that you can use to empower students to take ownership of the class community while digging into design thinking with you, as a teacher, facilitator, and fellow learner. Our three hours will be a hands-on collaboration and design thinking experiment! You will walk away with a customized challenge you can implement in your classroom on Monday as well as membership to a digital community to share ongoing updates about the challenge you design and resources for implementing it in your learning environment.

Possible Outcomes

  • Deepen your understanding of the design thinking process
  • Discover the rituals, routines, language, and mindsets that currently make up your class culture
  • Understand your own needs as an educator that must be met for a meaningful, productive class culture
  • Design and take back to your class a design thinking challenge that helps students develop a shared class culture
  • Join a community of fellow design thinkers attempting this challenge
Intended Audience

This session is open to educators, coaches, and administrators at any grade level. All attendees will be able to adapt the ideas and activities to apply to their own, unique learning environments.

About Maggie

Margaret is a Lower School Technology Coordinator working with students and teachers in Pre-K through 2nd Grade and a Technology and Education Consultant specializing in early childhood education, social media and global education. She is passionate about helping teachers integrate technology into their classrooms in innovative and meaningful ways and connecting students around the globe using technology. She enjoys finding new ways to use Google Glass as a tool for documentation and facilitating a Maker Club for her young students. She is currently exploring ways to foster innovation in school culture and integrate mindfulness into schools. Please reach out to her on Twitter (@mpowers3), she loves making new connections!

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