David Lee

A Holistic Approach to Education: Unification of Multiple Disciplines


Our new program at Korea International School has drastically disrupted the way education is being delivered to students. It has enabled both teachers and students to become risk-takers and innovators in the classroom; bringing a refreshingly different experience in the way students learn rigorous, high-level skills and concepts. art of the program’s success is derived from disruption; similar to the way former technology startups, like Instagram and Twitter, used disruptive innovation to find success.

The purpose of this extended session is to rethink the idea that academic disciplines should be taught separately. Instead,learning should involve multiple disciplines that are ubiquitous to all areas of life. By developing thematic units, barriers are removed and traditional disciplines are no longer taught in isolation; but instead allow students to work out culminating challenges that involve skills and concepts from multiple disciplines. Having students apply knowledge and skills from multiple disciplines while tackling real-world projects is called Transdisciplinary Learning.

Possible Outcomes

In this session, attendees will:

  • Learn effective implementation strategies and develop a framework in designing a successful transdisciplinary learning program for their school.
  • Experience hands-on transdisciplinary activities that involve prototyping, experimentation and tinkering through an innovative design approach.
  • Learn how multiple disciplines can be integrated through culminating challenges.
Intended Audience

This extended session is for elementary, middle and high school teachers, specialists and administrators.

About David

David Lee is the Elementary STEM Coordinator for Korea International School’s elementary STEM program. His essential duties are to develop and implement STEM curriculum, provide support and training for teachers in STEM instruction and curriculum, and work alongside the administration and the teaching staff to cultivate students’ initiative and competence in transdisciplinary STEM areas.

David was previously an Educational Technology Specialist and an ICT educator. His enthusiasm and passion for technology in education compelled him to present ten professional development sessions in five different conferences since 2012. David is also a Google Apps Educator & Trainer, and a Wix Certified Trainer. He has a master’s degree in educational technology with his research focusing on a 1:1 program implementation model that incorporated essential 21st-century student outcomes and support systems.

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