Claire Amos

Teacher Inquiry as a mechanism for leading change


‘The only constant is change’ – Heraclitus.

In a time where teachers must become increasingly agile so as to meet the demands of an ever changing world it is important that we look for ways to disrupt, rethink and change that is both meaningful AND manageable. Teaching as Inquiry can be visualised as a cyclical process that goes on moment by moment (as teaching takes place), day by day, and over the longer term.

Possible Outcomes

In this session delegates will be taken through the four phases of the inquiry cycle:

  • The focusing inquiry which establishes what needs disrupting, what is important (and therefore worth spending time on), given where my students (or staff) are at.
  • The teaching inquiry where the teacher rethinks strategies (evidence-based) that are most likely to improve the outcomes prioritised in the focusing inquiry.
  • Teaching and learning where the change is trialled with students.
  • The learning inquiry where the teacher investigates the success of the (new) teaching strategies in terms of the prioritised outcomes and consider what the implications are for future teaching.
Intended Audience

This workshop is targeted at all teaching levels (ES, MS and HS) and is suitable for all curriculum areas.

About Claire

Claire is a Deputy Principal at Hobsonville Point Secondary School – a brand new NZ MLE secondary school that opened in 2014. Claire has been a Director of e-learning, has lead and taught English for 17 years, her roles ranging from facilitator of the ICTs in English community on English Online, Auckland Secondary English Facilitator to Head of English Faculty. Claire also enjoys working at national level driving change with agencies such as New Zealand Qualifications Authority, NetSafe and the Ministry of Education 21st Century Learning Reference Group with a focus on enabling future-focused change and supporting teachers and students in blended learning environments.

Claire is passionate about her family, education, design and tattoos, living by the mantra – “you can never be overdressed or overeducated”.

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