Chrissy Hellyer

The Disruption of Assessment: When "Of" Becomes "For" and "As";


Assessment plays a fundamental role in our classroom. It’s more than just an accountability measure and can work in positive ways to benefit learning. Why is the distinction between assessment for, assessment of and assessment as, learning important? In this 3-fold session we will share and deconstruct how can we disrupt and rethink assessment to bring about change in your classroom.

Inspired by Dylan Wiliam’s “Embedded Formative Assessment (highly recommended pre-conference read) we will delve deeper into the ways that we can disrupt students to become owners of their own learning, rethink the way we elicit evidence of learner’s achievements and look at how we can change the way we provide feedback so that it moves learning forward.

Possible Outcomes

This extended session will:

  • explore Formative Assessment and the difference between assessment for, assessment  of and assessment as, learning
  • examine and deconstruct the issues in constructing learning intentions and success criteria
  • explore ways in which we can activate students as owners of their own learning
  • gain new ideas from different educators/schools about eliciting learner evidence and moving learning forward
Intended Audience

This extended session is intended for teachers and administrators throughout the school.

About Chrissy

As an elementary and middle school trained teacher, Chrissy is utterly passionate about using technology in the classroom to enhance learning.  From iPads to laptops to ePortfolios to blogging, she is particularly inspired by helping others unlock the full potential technology has to offer as a way of activating students as owners of their own learning.

Taking part in an action research project examining the impact of learning intentions and success criteria on student learning fuels Chrissy’s desire to understand more about the power of assessment and how quality feedback can move learning forward.

Chrissy keeps up-to-date with current trends, emerging technologies and personal learning networks as a CoETaIL Instructor, via twitter (@nzchrissy) or on her blog TeachingSagittarian

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