Kim Cofino Kim Cofino
Student Learning Through Social Media
Mr. D Mr. D
Disruptive or Distracting?: Tell the difference & apply the benefits!
Morgan Jacobs Morgan Jacobs
Time to Think: Finding Balance through Creative Reflection
David Lee David Lee
A Holistic Approach to Education: Unification of Multiple Disciplines
Jeff Utecht Jeff Utecht
Students Today: Search, Discover, Create
Maggie Powers Maggie Powers
Empowering Students to Design Classroom Culture
Reid Wilson Reid Wilson
Killing Your Primary Concept
Heather Dowd Heather Dowd
Create a Personalized Disruption Plan
Ringo Dingrando Ringo Dingrando
Art-duino and Robo-Motion
Chrissy Hellyer Chrissy Hellyer
The Disruption of Assessment: When "Of" Becomes "For" and "As";
John Burns John Burns
Hack Your School
Claire Amos Claire Amos
Teacher Inquiry as a mechanism for leading change
Shaun Kirkwood Shaun Kirkwood
Full! Avoiding iPad Obesity - Focusing on Creation not Consumption
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